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Ref. CNK : 0900049 - Réf : 7711141
CareBag Bedpan Liner


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Product details
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CareBag Bedpan Liner description

CareBag Bedpan Liner is a device for body waste collection with drawstrings, adapted to all bed pan sizes, and comes with a super absorbent pad.

CareBag is the unique combination of a body waste collection device with easy tie closure and an integrated super absorbent GelMax pad.

The pad reacts immediately when it comes into contact with fluids and stools to gel the content, thereby limiting the risk of spills and splashes and isolating the odours as soon as it is sealed. It also protects the bed pan, preventing it from getting soiled and preventing contamination when handled.

Benefits of CareBag Bedpan Liner

  • Prevents the bed pan from getting soiled;
  • Ensures the safe collection, transport and disposal of bodily waste fluids, infected or otherwise;
  • Helps to counteract infections;
  • Makes the job of the health care assistant or the home help easier;
  • Gives the patient and his family comfort and peace of mind;
  • Neutralises the bad odours.

Use CareBag Bedpan Liner

  1. Open the box and remove the bedpan liner roller;
  2. Unroll the 1st liner and pull away, separating along the perforation marks;
  3. Open the bag and position it on the bedpan;
  4. The pad must be at the bottom of the bedpan;
  5. Use the bedpan lined with the Bedpan Liner;
  6. Wait until the contents are transformed into gel in about 1 to 2 minutes;
  7. To close the bag, pull the cords on each side of the bag and tie them up;


  • Do not flush down the toilet. Disposal in household waste;
  • Single-use product. Do not reuse after use;
  • In case of eye contact, rinse the eye thoroughly and contact a doctor if necessary;
  • If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show the package to a doctor.;
  • Do not leave within reach of children.

CareBag Bedpan Liner Characteristics

Dimensions : 59 x 38 cm.

Absorption capacity : 450 ml.

Bag : PEBD (plastic), with double cords.

Super absorbent pad : Non-woven support based on cellulose and Super-Absorbent Polymers.

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