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30 Pieces - Hip size from 71 to 102 cm

Ref. CNK : 4105698 - Réf : 730430
Tena Flex Plus - MEDIUM


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Product Details


Product details
How to apply

Tena Flex Plus description

Tena Flex Plus is a non-woven belted brief brought to you by Tena.
Tena Flex Plus is put in place with a self-adhesive waistband.

  • For average urinary and faecal incontinence.
  • Suitable for men and women.

The full Tena Flex range

To find out which products in our range are best suited to your needs, here is a summary table showing the various absorption products and available sizes:

Tena Flex
S - M - L - XL
S - M - L - XL
S - M - L - XL
S - M - L - XL
6 gouttes 7 gouttes 8 gouttes 9 gouttes

Tena Flex Plus application technique

In standing up position

Technique de pose du Tena Flex

In suspine position

Technique de pose du Tena Flex

  1. Open the protection and shape it into a groove.
  2. Determine the position and fixation of the Tena Flex in consideration of the patient. Adjust the fixation strip on the patient’s body. On skinny people, it needs to be fastened higher up whereas it should be fastened lower down on more corpulent wearers.
  3. Close the fixation strip using the self-adhesive Superfit fastener.
  4. Slide the protection between the legs in a zig-zag motion from the back to the front. Doing so will shape a dish around the front of the protection. Then firmly pull the protection up so it sits properly adjusted in the groin skin folds. As applicable, make sure the skin does not fold or gets rucked up inside the protection. Use the urine indicator line as well as the colour strip as a marker to correctly position the protection.
  5. Finally, fasten the protection using the 2 adhesive strips on the waistband. Correctly readjust the elastic bands. If the incontinent person needs to be moved, check the fit of the Tena Flex. If need be, reposition the adhesive strips on the self-adhesive strip.
  6. The elastic bands that are anatomically preshaped to suit the legs must be positioned towards the outside of the protection. The Tena Flex pad closes both around the patient’s belly and around his back.

Tena Flex Plus Characteristics

  Tena Flex Plus Medium
Hip Size From 71 to 102 cm
Number of pieces per pack 30 Pieces
Number of packs per carton 3 packs
Reference 730430
Pack colour Blue
Number of drops 6 drops