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Ref. CNK : 3259025 - Réf : UR0100
Uri-Go Spray 750 ml


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Product Details


Product details
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Cleans and gets rid of odours

Urine consists of crystals of uric acid which are absorbed by surfaces and go on to create round smelly stains. These stains are extremely persistent and remain visible after cleaning or washing.

There is nothing more persistent than the smell and colour of urine, caused by crystals of uric acid. With its special composition of enzymes and bacteria, Uri-Go breaks down the crystals which end up dissolving in the air and in water. As such, Uri-Go easily removes these urine crystals, and gets rid of the smell and the colour once and for all. Thanks to its unique composition, Uri-Go even gets rid of urine stains that go back years.


  • Eliminates urine from all surfaces and all fexible or rigid materials: furniture, bathroom fixtures, wood, tiles, wall-to-wall carpets, textiles and soft furnishings, etc.;
  • Also gets rid of blood and sweat stains;
  • Leaves a fresh lemon smell in the air;
  • Ideal for care centres, schools and nurseries;
  • May als be used in animal shelters;

How to use

Without washing : immediately spray onto the stain to be removed and wait for 15 minutes. Rinse with a slightly damp cloth. For old stains, perform the procedure again if necessary.
Before washing : Spray directly onto the stain and wait for 15 minutes. Then wash along with the regular domestic linnen.

  • Spray ideally suited to get rid of odours and urine stains;
  • Comes in a very practical spray bottle;
  • To be used on floors, sofas, toilets, clothes, etc.

Uri-Go Spray Characteristics

  Uri-Go Spray
Use Clean
Capacity 750 ml
Reference UR0100
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