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Who are we?

Deutschland Inkontinenz

Deutschland Inkontinenz, first and foremost means the online sale of incontinence and care products by medical professionals.

Our team is at your beck and call at all times. The team is made of up of two pharmacists, two technical pharmaceutical assistants and three medical field sales staff who take ongoing in-service training on the incontinence products of the Hartmann, Tena, iD, Abena, Gohy, Amd, Attends and Lille brands, as well as an IT engineer. This structure enables you to obtain the best possible advice at any time and an online sales website that is updated every single day.

Our philosophy

With the population ageing year after year, homecare is becoming increasingly more important in European countries. However, the logistical support systems still remain to be adapted :

  • Patients are not always able to leave the house or to carry certain types of products which can be quite heavy. Which means they need to call on outside assistance (family, a nurse, a neighbour, etc.) on whom they depend;
  • The shops can sometimes be quite a distance away from people’s homes. On top of which come high petrol prices, which all adds up to people worrying they will be unable to get the things they need;
  • The prices for the incontinence products often greatly vary and not very transparent.

Our aim with this website is to extend the work we do on a day to day basis at our points of sale: enabling people who are "isolated" to take delivery at home of their incontinence products at the best value for money without being beholden to anyone else.

We wish you a pleasant visit on Deutschland Inkontinenz