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Dual Massager


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Product Details


Product details
How to apply

For whom, for what ?

  • Sporty women can use it from time to time to attenuatge the sometimes adverse effect of their sports activities on the perineum;
  • Intended for women who want to regain their sexual feelings;
  • Mums to be can use it to prepare their perineum for childbirth,
  • Intended for young mums, after pregnancy and on the advice of their midwife, to regain perineal muscle tone;
  • Intended for women in their menopause to improve their sensitivity as well as tone down the intensity of the contractions which may cause urinary leakage (stress incontinence), lack of sexual lubrication, or a lack of sensation during sexual intercourse.

Description of Dual Massager

The Dual Massager is a double silicone massager from the Femintimate brand.

It comes recommended by sexologists, sex therapists, sophrologists, lifestyle coaches, etc.

Made from silicone, which means no phthalates and no latex. This medical grade silicone is particularly soft and silky-smooth to the touch and is certain to underscore the user comfort.

Dieses Massagegerät bietet, dank seiner U-förmigen Form, gleichzeitig eine innere und äußere Massage.

Das Gerät Dual Massager ist flexibel und seine Mobilität begünstigt eine sehr leichte und äußerst komfortable Anwendung.

The pleasure of a perineum in top shape, without a complex

The Dual Massager enables you to train your perineal muscles in sessions of 10 to 15 minutes a day. As soon as you have achieved the goal you have set yourself, all that remains is for you to maintain the tonus of your perineal muscles 3 or 4 times a week to regain perfect health.

With a shape that could be taken to be that of a sex toy, in spite of its appearance the Dual Massager’s sole purpose is to help you rehabilitate your pelvic floor.

Once inserted into your vagina, all you need to do is to simply contract the muscles of your perineum when the Dual Massager starts vibrating, and release the tightened up muscles when the vibrations stop (according to the mode selected).

These vibrations will also increase the blood circulation in the perineal muscles, thereby rasing the sensitivity of the vaginal walls.

This device especially stands out from any others in that it will act as your personal your perineal coach.

Depending on the strength and frequency of the first contractions of the perineum which you perform, the Dual Massager will gradually drive up the strength of the perineal contractions. Every exercise session will bring real progress and keep you motivated!

This device will work your perineum so that you regain definite an progressive perineal tonus.

How to use Dual Massager

Instructions Dual Massager

- Charging : be careful when inserting the cable into the USB port. Connect the cable to an adaptor and plug it into a socket prise or directly to the USB connector of your computer. A red indicator light will light up during loading and switch off when the device is fully charged.
Recharging time : 120 min.
Battery capacity : 130 min.

- Activation and selection of the vibration modes : Press the raised knob, until you start feeling the device vibrate, then click the large button to open the 10 vibration modes.
(Image A) - By separating one end from the other, you get independent and simultaneous stimulation of the G point and the clitoris.
(Image B) - By inserting the two ends, our Dual Massager becomes a powerful vibromassager with a specially curved G point stimulator.

- Disable : To switch off the device, press the raised knob for a few seconds.

- Maintenance : Before and after every use, rinse the massager with water and (PH-neutral) soap. Avoid submerging the device and prevent water from ingressing in the USB slot. Do not use silicone lubricants.

Characteristics of Mini Massager

  • Material : 100% silicone.
  • 2 ultra-silent motors.
  • 10 vibration modes.
  • Length : 18 cm.
  • Diameter : 3,2 cm.
  • Rechargeable.
  • Splash-proof.
  • No phthalates.