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Product Details


Product details
How to apply

Description of Intimrelax

Intimrelax, also known as vaginal candles, are vaginal dilators of the Femintimate brand.

The Intimrelax is especially used in the event of vaginismus, dyspareunia, vulvodynia, perineal pain and vaginal atrophy.

It makes it possible to overcome involuntary muscle contractions and to regain a certain elasticity.

Intimrelax vaginal dilators come in a specific anatomical shape to adapt to the female body in respect of her intimacy.

They are made from medical grade silicone without latex, very soft and silky smooth to the touch, whilst remaining supple which allows the vaginal muscles to be gently worked. In doing so, the vaginal muscles gradually decontract and regain their elasticity.

For whom, for what ?

The intimate areas such as the vagina, the perineum, the mucous membranes are very sensitive. They may become painful and cause involuntary contractions of the vagina or vaginal atrophy, making any kind of difficult or impossible during sex or during a gynaecological examination. These pains during sexual intercourse are often rooted in physical or mental problems, making the sex lives of the women affected difficult.

These symptoms may appear as a result of :

  • Psychological problems : education, anxiety, molestation, etc;
  • Post-traumatic event : violence, rape or attempted rape, etc;
  • Sexual traumas : episiotomy, scars, etc;
  • Angioplasty;
  • Genital infections or inflammations;
  • Radiotherapy or chemotherapy treatment for cancer;
  • During menopause;
  • Post partum problems after childbirth.

After first having seen a healthcare professional, the use of a vaginal dilator is often recommended to offer relief for women affected by these problems.

How to use Intimrelax?


  • First aply some water-based lubricant to the vagina opening (about the volume of a chestnut) and gently rub it in for 2 or 3 minutes.
  • Then take the smallest Intimeralx element.
  • Then start to gently and gradually push the element into the vagina. If the vagina is dry, you will need to use more lubricant.
  • You may need to perform slight back and forth movements for 10 to 15 minutes. It is important to know that the contraction of the vaginal muscles is not conducive, which is why you need to interrupt the exercise if this symptom appears. The aim is to relax the vaginal area and to relieve the discomfort caused by the atrophic vaginitis. For this reason it is advisable to perform the exercises in a very comfortable spot.
  • One session a day is enough.
  • Once the smallest element can be comfortably inserted without causing any discomfort, you will need to pursue the exercises and move up to a larger element.

Intimrelax Hygiene

To ensure your vaginal dilators remain perfectly hygienic, it is advisable to clean them BEFORE and AFTER every use.

They should be cleaned using hot water with no HP intimate hygiene soap. Then each vaginal candle is to be sprayed with an antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal cleaning spray.



  • 3 vaginal dilators in medical grade silicone, without latex :
    Diameter 0,9 cm - lenght 6,5 cm
    Diameter 1,5 cm - lenght 9,5 cm
    Diameter 2,5 cm - lenght 12 cm
  • A grey and pink storage bag.