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Kegel Balls


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Product Details


Product details
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Description of Kegel Balls

Femintimate has created Geisha balls known as Kegel Balls, in high quality silicone and guaranteed without phthalates.

The Kegel balls are recommended by physiotherapists, midwives, urologists and gynaecologists.

They are ideal for women looking to tone up and strengthen the perineal muscles.

The soft and silky-smooth texture of the Geisha Kegel Balls means they are ultra comfortable in use.

The oval shape of each ball is specifically adapted to the female anatomy and allows for easy insertion and withdrawal.

For whom, for what ?

  • Intended for women who wish to maintain their perineal muscles, thereby avoiding the problems that come with a slack and less toned perineum;
  • Intended for young mums who wish to perform perineal exercises a few weeks after childbirth, or of Kegel exercises with Geisha balls, in supplement to their pelvic floor rehabilitation to avoid post-partum urinary leakage;
  • Intended for women in their menopause: the hormonal changes often bring reduced sensitivity and sensation during sexual intercourse, incontinence issues, or insufficient blood circulation of the vaginal walls. The Geisha balls improve the vaginal blood flow to regain a fulfilling sex life;
  • Intended for women who practise ground impact sports, or for very sporty women: the ground impact whilst practising a sport such as running, zumba, tennis, etc. alters the perineal muscles. Using Geisha balls strengthens and tones up the perineum;
  • Intended for women who wish to improve the quality of sexual intercourse. Because the better toned the perineum is and the more vascularised the perineal muscles are, the better the sexual sensations;

How to use Kegel Balls

The Geisha balls can be used in one of two ways :

  • by inserting and allowing the Geisha balls to move in line with the body movements as you go about your everyday activities;
  • by engaging in more active efforts, by performing the Kegel exercises which revolve around contracting and releasing the perineal muscles to strengthen and tone these muscles.

Kegel Balls Hygiene

lt is imperative that you maintain perfect hygiene of your Geisha balls. To this end, we would advise cleaning them before and after use.

To clean them, you can use a cleaning agent for sexual accessories that have a guaranteed antibacterial effect.

Content and characteristics

  • In high quality silicone and guaranteed without phthalates;
  • Lenght : 19,9 cm
  • Diameter : 3,5 cm
  • Weight : 84 grammes
  • Comes with a small satin bag to discreetly put your Geisha balls in.