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Product Details


Product details
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For anyone with a weakened pelvic floor, women suffering from stress or childbirth urinary incontinence, women suffering from reduced sensitivity during sexual intercourse, but also women seeking to prevent the effects of the weakening of the pelvic floor.


Pelvix is a pelvic floor rehabilitation device of the Femintimate brand, which is recommended by physiotherapists, midwives, urologists, gynaecologists and sports coaches.

The body of the device is entirely covered in a high-quality silicone, fully tolerable by the human body and extremely soft to the touch.

What is particular about this device is that the weight inside its internal cavity moves around, thereby improving the stimulation of the area, as a key factor in the muscle tone.

The cord to withdraw the device is made from a safe and resistant material.

Pelvix also includes an anatomically shaped module (32 mm in diameter) and three weights (9.2 grammes, 17.4 grammes, and 34.5 grammes).

Principle of the Pelvix

Pelvix The Pelvix "hollow" module comes in the shape of a pear. It has been especially examined and has an anatomical shape that makes it easy to insert into the vagina.

The comfort of this particular shape is further reinforced by the fact that the Pelvix is covered by a silicone layer (guaranteed without phthalates) that feels silky smooth and extremely soft to the touch, and is especially considerably less slippery than plastic accessories.

Using Pelvix for as little as 15 to 20 minutes a day over a 1 to 4-month period in strict observance of the programme, you can achieve a marked improvement.


Poids du Pelvix

  • Start the treatment by inserting Pelvix without any weight into the vagina as though it were a tampon; it stays in place through the passive contraction of the muscles of the pelvic floor or with a small effort (active contraction). Try to keep it in for approximately 15 minutes. Remain upright or move around during this time, but never sit down or lie down. Because of its own weight, Pelvix will tend to drop and fall, which will prompt a spontaneous contraction reflex of the pelvic floor muscles. This action is a very efficient and specific form of physiotherapy.
  • Keep up this routine for the number of days necessary until you are able to comfortably handle (keep in) this weight.
  • Introduce the least weight ball into the Pelvix by opening and closing the device, and repeat the same procedure for 15 minutes a day of moderate activity with the Pelvix inserted into the vagina.
  • Repeat the routine as you progressively increase the weight of the Pelvix, until you are comfortably able to hold (keep in) the last weight.
  • The length of time it takes to go through the various stages depends on each person individually. It is recommended that you consult your gynaecologist, urologist or physiotherapist (pelvic-perineology, post natal re-education) in parallel with the therapy to obtain confirmation of the progress you are making with the treatment.
  • The approximate duration of the treatment is anywhere from 1 to 4 months.
  • Do not exceed the daily therapy duration so as not to cause muscle fatigue.
  • The treatment is completely natural and is not accompanied by any kind of medication. Pelvix comes in a medical grade hypoallergenic very high body tolerance silicone.

Contracindications for the Pelvix

  • During pregnancy.
  • When you are having your periods;
  • In case of vaginal infections;
  • When having sexual intercourse.